April 14, 2018: ART page is live, albeit in part!
April 13, 2018: Revamped all homepage assets and table descriptions.
April 12, 2018: Kicked off mass rehaul of website.
October 29, 2017: Severed links to pages- site will be upturned later.
July 15, 2017: Website up!

ABOUT ME: Welcome to my humble (yet irradiated) abode! None of the pages are done here yet but they should eventually be up... bear with me!
MY ART: I've been drawing since I can remember, and got into it digitally at the age of 10. Over the past year, I have been hell-bent on improving further. This is a portfolio of my favourite illustrations.
MY CHARACTERS: Over the past few years, I have created characters, some furry, some not- that are all quite important to me one way or another. This is an archive of them.
LINKS: A collection of pages on the world wibe web that I think are actually pretty swell.

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